How to Buy Your Wife Jewelry

Dear Husbands:

Contrary to what you might think, your wife (most likely) would not care for a printer, toaster, or exercise DVDs for Christmas. If you would like to give something that will truly be remembered, and deemed as a thoughtful gift, buy your wife a token of your appreciation and love: jewelry. Your significant other is the person who brings the utmost joy in your life. Demonstrate your gratitude with something that will delight her eyes!

Here are some tips to help you begin your search for that perfect gift:

1. Take a look at your wife's jewelry to get an idea of her style. Does she prefer small and dainty or large and chunky jewelry? Does she wear silver, gold or both?

2. What is her favorite color? What colors does she wear most often? What is her birthstone?

3. Determine your budget; Remember how much you spend on tools:D

4. If you are planning to buy a bracelet, ask to measure her wrist.

5. If you planning to buy earrings, make sure her ears are pierced.

6. Choose a piece that is similar to her current jewelry or another option is to purchase personalized custom jewelry that has special meaning, e.g., jewelry with names of children or grandchildren, anniversary dates, etc.

7. Inquire about exchange and return policies, just in case your perfect gift is not so perfect in your wife’s eyes.

8. Plan your jewelry buying in advance, in order to avoid added stress and impulse buying.

9. Unless your wife likes to fish, do try not to choose something that looks similar to fishing lures from your tackle box.

10. We do not recommend that you ask your mother for advice, as her style and taste will be very different from your wife’s.

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